Use the Media Library to create, organize and manage library folders for your important media content. Re-use media in your library by dragging content into a workspace.

Workspaces provide another view of files in active and archived workspaces. Drag and drop content from active or archived Workspaces into your library where you can manage your content.

  1. Library. Use the Media Library like you use folders on your computer to store manage all your assets: videos, audio files, branding files, documents, images, etc.

  2. Click the Green “Add Folder” icon to create a folder. Click the “Delete Folder “ icon to remove a library.

  3. Create subfolders

  4. You may move subfolders to other folders to organize and reorganize your assets

  5. Move content from Workspaces into Library folders and move content from Library folders to Workspaces to aid workflow.

  6. In the Media Library, the contents of Workspaces and Library folders are presented in the same way.

  7. Filter Media. You can change the view of your assets by clicking on various icons of organization:

  8. “All” - view all media

  9. “Video” - view only video files

  10. “Image” - view only image files

  11. “Audio” - view only audio files

  12. “Text” - view only text files

  13. “Other” - view all other file types (documents, PDFs, etc.)

  14. Share the contents of a Library Folder. This enables you can share assets with collaborators without exposing them to your other workspaces, folders, screening rooms, etc

  15. Within any folder, click the “Edit Settings” icon

  16. This provides you with a URL link that you can use to share the contents of this folder with collaborators, enabling the to view and download files

  17. Click “Enable Private Sharing for this folder” to enable and create a password protected folder

  18. Photo Gallery. If all the contents of a single library folder are only images, you may use this sharing function to create a photo gallery. This presents the photos/images as a slide show and enables downloads of these images

  19. Perform actions on your Library Assets. For each asset in your folder, a thumbnail of the asset is presented with the following possible actions:

  20. Click the “i” icon to view the full filename of an asset.

  21. Click the “pencil” icon to: 1) Change the file name, 2) Change the associated file type, and 3) Add meta tags using a comma separated list

  22. Click the “cloud arrow” icon to download the asset.

  23. Click the “trash can” icon to delete the asset.

  24. Facebook Assets. You can drag videos and photos into your Facebook account directly from the Media Library.

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