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27 July 2022 Release
27 July 2022 Release

Integrated Microsoft 365 Experience with OneDrive File Sharing and Microsoft Teams for Video Workflow

Written by Zachary Zielezinski
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Integrated Microsoft 365 Experience with OneDrive File Sharing and Microsoft Teams for Video Workflow

To help teams in collaborating and streamlining video production workflows we’ve integrated with Microsoft 365 to incorporate file sharing and notifications. We’ve added:

  • Integrated access to Microsoft 365 OneDrive file sharing with direct import of content into GLX Studio Media Library providing access to Microsoft Teams meeting recordings and other video content

  • GLX Studio Workspace and Screening Room integration with Teams, extending current email and Slack notification capabilities

Integrating with Microsoft 365 OneDrive File Sharing for import of meeting recordings and other video content

By linking a GLX Studio Workspace or Media Library to a Microsoft 365 account, you can directly import content from Microsoft 365 OneDrive. Simply click on the “Get OneDrive File” icon on the action bar and associate your Microsoft 365 account to gain access to the content it has access to.

This will allow you to directly import your Microsoft Teams meeting recordings and other video content that reside on Microsoft 365 OneDrive.

Integrating Microsoft Teams for Video Workflow

By integrating with Microsoft Teams, notifying your workgroups of new file arrivals within GLX Studio, new Screening Rooms for the workgroup to collaborate on, and share Screening Room and Workspace activity is made easy. This helps accelerate project activities and keep everyone informed about progress of a project

In addition to email notifications, GLX Studio will now also send notifications to your selected Microsoft Teams channels. The notifications that are sent include:

For GLX Studio Workspace Activity

  • New Workspace File notification

  • New Workspace Message notification

For GLX Studio Screening Room Activity

  • A new Screening Room notification

  • Screening Room Comment notification

  • Screening Room Comment Reply notification

  • Screening Room Due Date Change notification

  • Screening Room Finalized notification

  • Screening Room Released notification

GLX Studio activity such as Screening Room comments like these …

… are sent to team members such as shown here

Selecting “View Comments” from the Microsoft Teams notification takes the user directly to GLX Studio’s Screening Room where further collaboration can be carried out.

These notifications are not only issued for Microsoft Team channels you select, but also are sent in the form of email notifications and if configured, Slack notifications.

Microsoft Teams Notification Configuration is a Breeze

Configuring Microsoft Teams notifications is simple. There are a few simple steps:

  1. Open the GLX Studio Workspace you want to emit notifications for

  2. Select the Workspace Settings icon on the action bar

  3. On the Notifications tab, select the notifications you want to be sent

  4. Select the “Set Teams Channel” button and pick the team and channel you want notifications to be sent to as shown here

  5. To send notifications to a different Microsoft Teams Channel or Team, simply make selections of the team and associated channels

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