About the Screening Room
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A Screening Room offers creatives, communications and marketing professionals, and teams the ability to collaborate in the review of media simply to get feedback on one or several iterations of a video, or to help managed the process of releasing rich media through a more formalized review and approval process.

It provides collaborators the means to review of one or more revisions of a video, the ability to comment on a video, a point-in-time, and one or more durations of its content. Collaborators can consist of individuals of the owner’s organization or can be external to the organization or company. Inviting external collaborators is achieved simply by inviting them using an email address.

A simple built-in workflow allows an asset owner to request and get input from colleagues. When time is of the essence you can set a review deadline and send out friendly reminders to encourage your colleagues to complete their review in time. When desired you can close the review period.

Once satisfied with an asset or one of its revisions you can change its state to Approved. With one additional simple step the media can be changed to Released state allowing it to be downloaded, copied to Media Library for dissemination, or published to a Media Page or externally.

Informing and Being Informed

Inviting and keeping everyone in the loop is easy. It starts with an email, a Slack, or/and a Microsoft Teams notification if you’ve configured these services. Users can configure what types of notifications they receive using email, Slack and Microsoft Teams. These notifications include:

· New messages posted to the Workspace

· New files added to the Workspace

· New Screening Rooms added to the Workspace

· Screening Room comments

· Replies to Screening Room comments

· Screening Room comment finalization

· Due date change to a Screening Room review period

· Asset Approval and Asset Release

To configure the notifications you want to receive, use the Workspace Settings popup, and configure which notification you want to receive and the channels you want to receive these on using the settings of the Notifications tab. To configure Slack and Microsoft Teams for notifications visit the documentation’s Integrations chapter. These settings can be made to apply by default to all new created Workspaces.

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