Reviewer Invitations
Written by Zachary Zielezinski
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Once a Screening Room is set up you can invite reviewers in two different ways from a Workspace or from the Screening Room. Workspaces can contain multiple Screening Rooms.

Invitations from a Workspace

By inviting a collaborator to a Workspace, you grant this individual access to the Workspace’s shared files, to upload and download content, to participate in and create Screening Rooms, and to modify and create new content with the MediaMyx rich media editing environment. Collaborators assigned to a Workspace have access to all its Screening Rooms and can comment in any review cycles.

A collaborator does not need to be a member of your organization to access the shared Workspace the collaborator has been invited to. Access to your shared Workspace is provided by inviting the collaborator from a Workspace which he or she accesses via a URL link. If the collaborator is part of your organization and has been added as a user, the shared Workspace and its Screening Rooms will appear when the collaborator switches to your organization.

Invitations from a Screening Room

You may not want to grant access to collaborators to assets of a Workspace, its shared files, and all Screening Rooms. To limit access to a specific screening room to a colleague invite this collaborator via a specific Screening Room.

When inviting a colleague to collaborate on a review you can either invite the collaborator to view the media and grant access for your colleague to provide comment or offer your colleague view-only access to the Screening Room’s media being reviewed. You may also write a personalized message to the invitee at the time of the invitation.

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