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Role-based Workflow
Written by Zachary Zielezinski
Updated over a week ago

Workspace Owner. A Workspace creator owns content within the Workspace including Screening Rooms. A Workspace creator has the ability to assign a Comment Finalizer - someone that can close the comment period - and Comment Releaser - someone that can release the asset for dissemination.

Screening Room Creator. A Screening Room creator can finalize comment, approve it, and release the asset.

Comment Finalizer. Someone that can finalize the comment period. This person can be the Screening Room creator, or someone assigned by the Workspace owner.

Approver. The Screening Room creator or Workspace owner can approve content making it eligible to be released.

Media Releaser. The Screening Room creator, Workspace owner, or designated person can change the state of the asset to the Released state. This makes it possible for the content to be downloaded, copied to Media Library for dissemination, or published to a Media Page or externally.

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