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Use MediaMyx to Remix Video Content
Use MediaMyx to Remix Video Content

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Written by Zachary Zielezinski
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MediaMyx Overview Draft

Leverage existing video content by slicing it up and then stitching it back together with your branding to support targeted messaging - fast and easy. Download or immediately share to social media from within MediaMyx. Remix media using any cloud connected device.


  • Click-and-drag interface

  • Cloud-based editing suite

  • Integrated social sharing to LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook

  • Store assets in the cloud for easy access and repeated use

  • Remix video with .PNG or .JPEG images such as presentation slides


  • Easy DIY editing

  • Ensures branding compliance

  • More video; improved SEO and SEM results

  • Squeeze higher ROI from existing video content

  • Video rendering performed in the cloud - no hardware issues with underpowered compute devices

  • Saves money and time - no need to hire video production teams or engage with in-house talent

  • Create and publish content in minutes

MediaMyx lets you easily and quickly combine selects (video edits), bumpers (corporate branding for the front and back of each video) and images (ie. title cards, PowerPoint slides, etc.) to easily create videos without the need for paid producers or video editing software. 

MediaMyx is located within each of your MediaMobz Workspaces. However, MediaMyx can gather any relevant content from your computer, all of your workspaces, and your entire Media Library.

Work with MediaMyx by clicking the green icon “Create New Myx”.

When you create a New Myx, a window pops up that lets you type the name of your Myx. You can then click “Create” or “Cancel”.

You can upload content from your workspaces, your screening rooms and your media library using the “Import Media tab” and add them to the “Assets” Tab.

“Drag Assets Here” - This is the remix timeline where you can drag and organize/sequence your video selects, bumpers, and title cards.

While MediaMyx allows you to leverage selects you have created in your screening rooms, you can also directly upload unedited videos directly into MediaMyx and edit the video immediately - without having to create screening rooms. After you have imported a video from your computer into your assets, you may click on the “Scissors” icon to bring up the easy and intuitive MediaMyx editor to create selects. You can then drag and arrange these clips onto the video timeline.

“Preview Video” - you can preview your new videos  as you are creating them. to make sure you have all your media in the correct order. The platform assembles the video you have created and you can play it to review your work. If needed you can go back and make changes.

“Render Video” - once you like what you have assembled and successfully previewed, you can choose to render a high quality version of the Myx currently in the timeline. You can render the video at three different quality settings: 1) Web 360 p (640 x 360) 2) High 720 p (1280 x 720) and 3) Maximum (1920 x 1080).

Clicking the “back arrow” on the upper right portion of the window will take you back to your workspace, where you can create new MediaMyx sessions.

For each Rendered Video within a MediaMyx session, you will see an “Actions” drop down menu that enables you to do four things: 1) download the rendered video, 2) copy the video to a folder in your Media Library, 3) delete the video and 4) make the video instantly shareable on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

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