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  • July 2023 Release - This release adds improvements to the Screening Room, support for audio assets and a refined UI. This release also boosts Workspace and Media Library functionality with several key enhancements:

    • Folder creation and management in Workspace, a unified UI between Workspace and Media Library, and better asset list organization.

    • Seamless media type filters across the platform and an easier way to find your assets with pre-expanded asset lists.

    • Improved import processes to preserve your original folder structures and a powerful multi-level and wildcard search feature.

  • April 2023 Release - This release introducing key GLX updates including a new landing page, enhanced navigation, and improved workspaces. Our redesigned landing page offers a "Getting Started" help section, collaborative tasks, and a summary of organizational workspaces and media assets. Projects now incorporate workspaces and publishing, while new top-level navigation elements "Our Media" and "Our Projects" streamline story and content management. Enjoy the flexibility of working on multiple workspaces simultaneously, with updated workspace lists and seamless navigation between open workspaces and the Media Library. The addition of asset previews, quick actions, and a new workspace side panel further enhance your GLX experience. Checkout the April 2023 release notes for more details.

  • March 2023 Release - We've revamped Workspaces! Shared Files, Screening Room, and Media Mixes are now unified under a single asset list. Enjoy sorting by columns and filtering by type, along with the added search functionality. Checkout the March 2023 release notes for more details.

  • November 2022 Release - This release updated our integration with Zoom. One of the changes we made is to require fewer permissions when we integrate with Zoom. Specifically, we've removed the "write" capability to "meetings" and "recordings", capabilities we did not need. Zoom refers to these capabilities as "Scopes". Checkout the November 2022 release notes for more details.

  • September 2022 Release - This release packs several GLX Screening Room improvements for media asset lifecycle, workflows, and revisions. The GLX Screening Room offers creatives, communications and marketing professionals, and teams the ability to collaborate in the review of media simply to get feedback on one or several iterations of a video, or to help managed the release of rich media through a review and approval process. Details about this release: Link

  • 27 July 2022 Release - Integrated Microsoft 365 Experience with OneDrive File Sharing and Microsoft Teams for Video Workflow: Link

  • 13 July 2022 Release - Screening Room Enhancement: Transcription selection now automatically sets Start and End Point of a comment : Link

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